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Garden of Love
S/S 2024 available now

Nicole Scott Inc. is a men's and women's contemporary fashion brand focused on ethically produced clothing.

Our Items are made locally in Cincinnati, OH and we provide a quality,

unique, and eco-conscious fashion experience. 

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The fashion industry is second to the oil industry as the world’s largest polluter.  Did you know it takes more than 5000 gallons of water to manufacture just one t-shirt and a pair of jeans? In 2019, about 208 pounds of waste was generated by single used outfits, and 15% of fabric intended for clothing ended up as scraps on a cutting room floor. (Rissanen, 2005)

At NS we're doing things a bit different, we produce our products locally in small batches to reduce waste. We also reuse our scrap fabric to create new items. We selectively choose fabrics with natural fibers and durability.

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Garden of Love S/S24

Drops June 15

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